Grievance Inc. – The Big Business of Group Rights

There’s no such thing as group rights. There are no white rights, no black rights, no men’s rights, no women’s rights, no labor rights, no consumer rights, no environmental rights, no straight rights, no gay rights, no rich rights, no poor rights. There are only individual rights. Hillary Clinton, Al Sharpton, Black Lives Matter, Missouri College Concerned Students, and all the other false philanthropists who champion group rights are self-righteous grievance hustlers and morality pan handlers looking to turn your better nature into an instrument of self-destruction, cracking the whip of conscience upon your back to extract concessions for ginned up sins. They deserve what they’ve earned–your contempt. Nothing more. And nothing less. Take it from historical authority:

Grievance Hustlers - Booker T Washington Quote - OliverWrightEsq


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