Social Injustice? No Such Thing.

Social Injustice? No Such Thing.

There is no such thing as social injustice. Physical force — nothing else — can violate rights. Physical force — nothing else — enables one man to take the life, liberty, property of another man; to enslave him, to rob him, to stymie him; to compel him to act against his better judgment.

Social injustice is a meaningless term invented by social justice warriors to create a moral sanction to seize the production and wealth of the competent and productive for the effortless and unproductive enjoyment of the incompetent.


Social injustice is vile opportunism masquerading as piety. It is not social injustice that must be eradicated, but its very notion that must be exterminated, if we are to repair the wholesale ghettoization of America that’s been underway for the last fifty years, and accelerated over the last eight.