America’s Crusade For Free Stuff

If you believe in the right to free education, free healthcare, free food, free housing, or any other right that forces one man to pay for the effortless enjoyment of another, then you also believe in the right to enslave. You are not a human rights advocate, you are a slavery advocate. Fundamental human rights—life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—are derived from nature, not the blood, sweat and tears of other men. Take it from history’s foremost authority on the topic:

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Colonialism: Myths and Realities

Notes On Liberty

My only claim to fame in regards to colonial scholarship rests on a paper I wrote for an Honors course in Western Civilization as an undergraduate. The paper won a spot at an Honors consortium held at Stanford, so I was able to do even more research on the subject. The following post is a summation of my research in blog form.

The first task I have is to explain what colonialism is not. Colonialism is not a European invention or concept designed specifically to keep non-white people down. The myth of the evil white colonialist is one of the most pernicious myths espoused today, and for a couple of big reasons. The first reason is that colonialism has been around for a long time. Today, the Han practice colonialism through the fascist Chinese state. In the 19th century, the Ashanti practiced colonialism throughout their slave-trading empire. The Ottoman…

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A Monument to Mediocrity. 104 Towers of Indifference. 1700 Feet Seeking Permission.  A Shyscraper.  More Zero, Less Hero. So Presidential.

— Another NYT OpEd deemed unfit for print

New WTC - Shyscraper posted by Oliver Wright
New WTC – Shyscraper posted by Oliver Wright

Life As One Big Hospital

Life As One Big Hospital

Imagine you’re on a cruise. Somewhere between the wave pool and the all-you-can-eat lunchtime buffet, your wife trips over her sexy Tevas and twists her ankle. The cruise ship’s doctor confirms the worst: it’s broken. Rather than putting her in a cast, however, he orders security to break the ankles of a dozen other guests, explaining that this will make your wife feel much better than any cast. Those vacationers don’t fare well; some of them potentially crippled for life. Feeling their pain, the doctor drafts up a maritime law requiring everyone on board to walk on crutches, both to make the cripples feel better and to ensure equality and mitigate nature’s fundamental unfairness. Driven by his unyielding compassion and selfless commitment to transformative change, the doctor eventually makes a successful run at the U.S. Presidency, imposing his morality on the world.

The Living Large Wage: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

The Living Large Wage: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Dear Obama,
Thank you for understanding what the free market does not: that I am living; that I like wages; and that I am therefore entitled to a Living Wage. But in the end, if not the beginning, we are all pretty much the same, and like the next guy, well, I want to go big baby! I am, therefore, entitled to a Living Large Wage. And who better than you to decide which of my neighbors must pay me my Living Large Wage? After all, your four years of eloquent nothingness sets the new standard against which those of us committed to the cause of achieving the unearned measure our success at failure: the more we hear, the less we strive. To liberate fairness, equality and social justice from the tyranny of those able and productive men upon whom we rely, the Fat Cats must not only pay their share, but share their pay. Speaking of me getting mine: please deliver my wiring instructions to the Top 1%. For my part, in the spirit of shared sacrifice and shared prosperity, I’ll accept their apology and a lump sum payment in settlement of my claims for all prior years that they denied my right to get paid large for living large.
Very truly,
Your biggest fan, greatest dependent, and most useful idiot.
Oh, and Obama? You’re the best.
P.S. F America!

Welcome to the Monkey House

Welcome to the Monkey House: Scholarly types describe Vonnegut’s short stories as dystopian parodies. They are neither. When Vonnegut wrote Harrison Bergeron in 1960 he was imagining American life in 2050. Reality, it seems, has split the difference. His nightmare is our waking hour. Vonnegut’s little book is his verdict pronounced upon a civilization cannibalized from within by envy eaten smallness, guilt by contrivance,  and self loathing contempt for confidence and ability. All of it wrapped in the self-satisfied vocabulary of equality and fairness. When philosophical bankruptcy compels useful idiots to surrender from reason to faith and emotion the morality of free men and markets, it’s no big stretch to bags of buckshot and metal handicaps slung on the strong and gifted by the weak and retarded. This so that no man–by his life or love of it—shall be allowed the efficacy of his own mind so long as a single one among him is born without one. Whether by submission to the Handicapper General’s remedial toolbox or the apologist that lurks within, our personal enslavement is a voluntary act sum totaling cultural suicide.

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Producers and Parasites Come In All Stripes

Producers and Parasites Come In All Stripes

Producers–not consumers–fuel our economy. It is the middle class family squeezing a few dollars into a savings account every month, the corporate jet owner risking a chunk of his fortune on a young upstart, and everyone in between that finances a better tomorrow and underwrites prosperity. Those who consume without producing are freeloaders in any form: lifelong welfare recipients, government bureaucrats, and trust fund kids alike. Our political elites do not understand fundamental economics. Someone should teach them.